Coop Broken Sweet dough


320.0 g

Ingredients (German)

Weissmehl (Weizen), pflanzliche Fette und Öle (Palm, Raps), Wasser, Zucker, eingesottene Butter, Butterfraktion, Weizenstärke, Kochsalz jodiert, Feuchthaltemittel (E 420), Konservierungsstoff (E 200), Karottenextrakt, Emulgatoren (E 471, E 322), Aromen, Säuerungsmittel (E 330).

Ingredients (English)

White flour (wheat), vegetable fats and oils (palm, rapeseed), water, sugar, melted butter, butter fraction, wheat starch, iodized cooking salt, humectant (E 420), preservative (E 200), extract of carrots, emulsifiers (E 471, E 322), flavorings, acidifier (E 330).

Ingredients (French)

Farine blanche (froment), graisses et huiles végétales (palme, colza), eau, sucre, beurre fondu, fraction de beurre, amidon de froment, sel de cuisine iodé, humectant (E 420), conservateur (E 200), extrait de carotte, émulsifiants (E 471, E 322), arômes, acidifiant (E 330).

Ingredients (Italian)

Farina bianca (frumento), acqua, grassi e oli vegetali (palma, colza), acqua, zucchero, burro fuso, frazione di burro, amido di frumento, sale da cucina iodato, agente umidificante (E 420), conservante (E 200), estratto di carote, emulsionanti (E 471, E 322), aromi, acidificante (E 330).

Nutritional values
100 g 80.0 g %
Energy (kCal)
1650.0 kJ
395.0 kCal
1320.0 kJ
316.0 kCal
16.0 %
16.0 %
Saturated fat
20.0 g
10.0 g
16.0 g
8.0 g
23.0 %
40.0 %
48.0 g
15.0 g
38.4 g
12.0 g
14.0 %
13.0 %
Fiber 1.5 g 1.2 g
Protein 5.0 g 4.0 g 8.0 %
Salt 0.3 g 0.2 g 3.0 %



Switzerland (CH)


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