The Fine Cheese Co Toast For Cheese Apricots, Pistachios & Sunflower Seeds


100.0 g

Ingredients (German)

Buttermilch, Weizenmehl, Getrocknete Aprikosen (30%) (Sulfite), Sesam (19%), Pistazien (6%), Honig, Brauner Zucker, Natives Olivenöl Extra, Backtriebmittel (Natrium-hydrogencarbonat), Meersalz, Sonnenblumenkerne (0.5%), Natürliches Aroma. Kann spuren von nüssen enthalten.

Ingredients (English)

Buttermilk, Wheat Flour, Dried Apricots (30%) (Sulphites), Sesame Seeds (19%), Pistachio Nuts (6%), Honey, Soft Brown Sugar, Extra Virgin 0live Oil, Raising Agent (Sodium Bicarbonate), Sea Salt, Sunflower Seeds (0.5%), Natural Flavouring. Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers. (0.5%),

Ingredients (French)

Babeurre (Lait), Farine de Blé, Abricots Secs (30%) (Sulfites), Graines de Sésame (19%), Pistaches (6%), Miel, Sucre Roux, Huile d'Olive Extra Vierge, Poudrea à Lever (Bicarbonate de Soude), Sel de Mer, Graines de Tournesol (0.5%), Arôme Naturel. Ne convient pas aux personnes allergiques aux fruits à coques.

Ingredients (Italian)

Latticello (Latte), Farina di Frumento, Albicocche Disidratate (30%) (Solfiti), Semi di Sesamo (19%), Pistacchi (6%), Miele, Zucchero Bruno, Olio Extra Vergine di 0liva, Agente Lievitante (Bicarbonato di Sodio), Sale Marino, Semi di Girasole (0.5%), Aroma Naturale. Che utilizza nocciole e altra frutta a guscio.

Nutritional values
100 g
Energy (kCal)
1698.0 kJ
405.0 kCal
Saturated fat
17.2 g
2.9 g
48.9 g
21.3 g
Protein 11.5 g
Salt 1.4 g



Switzerland (CH)


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