Coop Wild Berry Fruit mix with berry infusion

Barcode 7610849710416

Switzerland (CH)


125.0 g

Ingredients (German)

Hibiskusblüten, Apfelschalen, Apfelstücke, Brombeerblätter, Aroma, Säuerungsmittel (E 330), Johannisbeerstücke 1%, Erdbeerstücke 1%, Beerensaft granuliert (Johannisbeere, Erdbeere), Hagebuttenschalen.

Ingredients (English)

hibiscus flowers, apple peel, pieces of apple, bramble leaves, aromas, acidifier (E 330), pieces of currant 1%, fragments of 1% fragrant, granulated berry juice (currants, strawberries), rose peels canine.

Ingredients (French)

fleurs d'hibiscus, pelures de pomme, morceaux de pomme, feuilles de mûrier, arômes, acidifiant (E 330), morceaux de groseilles 1%, morceaux de fraises 1%, jus de baies en granulés (groseille, fraise), écorces de cynorrhodon.

Ingredients (Italian)

fiori di ibisco, bucce di mela, pezzetti di mela, foglie di rovo, aromi, acidificante (E 330), pezzetti di ribes 1%, pezzetti di fragiola 1%, succo di bacche in granulato (ribes, fragole), bucce di rosa canina.

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