GOLD STAR Rings Calamari nature


600.0 g

Ingredients (German)

Kalmar (Illex argentirus,gefangen im Südwestatlantik), Kochsalz, Säurengsmittel (E330), Saureregulator (E341), Stabilisator (E452)

Ingredients (English)

Squid (Illex argentinus, caught in the Southwest Atlantic), table salt, acidifier (E330), acidity regulator (E341), stabilizer (E452)

Ingredients (French)

Calmars (Illex argentirus, pêchés dans l'Atlantique Sud-Ouest), sel de table, acidulant (E330), régulateur de l'acidité (E341), stabilisant (E452)

Ingredients (Italian)

Calamaro (Illex argentinus, pescato nell'Atlantico sud-occidentale), sale da cucina, acidificante (E330), correttore di acidità (E341), stabilizzatore (E452)




Switzerland (CH)

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